A Few Culinary Links

Mural from a Palermo market


An interesting school which has adopted a manic vegetarian, perhaps vegan, bent, but there are still some normal and useful tutorials here

Scobies Direct - Naas
Meat, Sausage, Butcher Products

Italian Food Joy (Ireland)
Gourmet Products
Rare Rice/Truffles

Gilmartins Catering -- Mayo









A History
 of  Irish Cuisine


UK Spice Source

Excellent Medieval Cookery Site

Small Holding Irish Specialty Farm


Native American Food History Site

Northern Ireland wild fish site

Sifting the Past -- Food and Other Art

Jas Townsend & Son

Jas Townsend & Son
Cook Book Links

J. Linnane's Short
History of Irish Food
Before and After
the Potato


A recipe site for young people

Primarily an international cuisine site



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